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What is a sunsquare? Most people have seen it, but do not know the name. The purpose of a Sunsquare is not only to provide shade. It is also a wonderful piece of architecture, that is being used all around the world to protect from various weather conditions, and to furnish the public space. On this page, we will try to provide you with the information you need, regarding sunsquares.

You might think of them as something meant entirely for the summer, but there are many ways to enjoy the advantages of the material, and many ways to use it.

Intrigued? Continue reading more about the hisstory and origin of the sunsquare.

The origin of the sunsquare

The sunsquare was developed in 1994 and the vision was simple: To create a sun sail that avoided the design and construction deficiencies of the traditional ones. The aim was to create a sun sail that could swing freely, while not being connected to a large and unattractive construction. With all these things in mind, it still needed to be able to withstand various weather conditions, and especially the tension that heavy wind applies to sun sails. The sunsquare is a motor driven sunsail, used to create larger shade areas, while being a piece of art. It is available in different shapes and sizes, and can be custom made for larger projects. How does it work? The technology is brilliant, but quite simple. When it’s a storm, the willow will bend, but the oak break will break. That is why the material used, is steel springs.

The Design of the Sunsquare

The unique design of the sunsquare makes it appropriate for most projects. Modern, as well as historic. The first sale of a sunsquare system occurred in 1995, and since then, the sunsquare has only risen in popularity, and is now to be found all over the world. From Austria to Australia, and from Germany to Croatia. The sunsquare is not only just a piece of art with great functionality, it is also wind stable and has safety measures. It is designed to be in harmony in exposed environments. The wind censors in the sunsquare allows it to automatically distract when the wind reaches a certain level.

The sunsquare is not your usual sun shade system. It is a large construction, and due to its size and complexity, it demands the installation of professional personnel. We have satisfied customers all around the world, and the sunsquare is being used in various public places in the bigger cities. People love the design.

We hope that, by reaching the bottom of this page, you got the information you were seeking, regarding sunsquares. Should that not be the case, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding sunsquares, or any of our other products.

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