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Smoke ventilation

When the talk falls on smoke ventilation, it's not just a nice to have. It's a need to have. Contrary to what most people think, due to close to 100% of the fatalities associated with fire in a building, the inhalation of toxic fumes or vapors. This is of course something one has as a priority to try to prevent if the accident is there and a fire has already occurred. Next, is the fact that the dangerous smoke can also cause some huge damages which leads to huge economic losses. These things are something you can avoid with the proper smoke ventilation system. A smoke ventilation is a necessary for you if you wants to take care of the family, colleagues, and not least oneself. 

The benefits of smoke ventilation

There are several advantages to having smoke ventilation installed in your house or workplace. Below, we will try to describe a few of them, and hopefully convince you that a smoke ventilation is something that you need to invest in for yourself and those you care about.

    • Ventilation

As described earlier, it is the actual smoke poisoning that is the biggest problem and the greatest danger in case of fire. With a smoke ventilation system, the smoke is removed entirely from the building as soon as possible. This occurs because of the hot air rising to the weather. This minimizes the risk that your loved ones, or yourself, will be exposed to smoke poisoning.

    • Reduces the risk of further damage

Because the hot air and smoke are sucked out of the building, the temperature inside falls drastically. This limits the damage, as the actual fire does not get optimal conditions to develop below.

    • Healthy indoor climate

In addition to the above benefits, a smoke ventilation system will provide you with a generally healthier indoor climate that is significantly better to move in.

Smoke ventilation - what types?

There are several different types of smoke ventilation systems out there. At Vitral, we also have a wide selection of quality smoke ventilation systems. There are both the simpler systems, and it is also possible to invest in more technical smoke ventilation systems. To learn more about smoke ventilation, how to install them or just asking additional questions, feel free to contact us.

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Read more on the website or contact us at 01223499000 or e-mail for questions.