VITRAL Skyvision Flat Rooflights for Fairfield Primary School

VITRAL installer Cover Structure in Leeds will soon be installing VITRAL's Skyvision Flat Rooflights at Fairfield Primary School.

The £2.5 million education project for Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council at Fairfield Primary School is being undertaken by ISG plc. The new extension has been design to incorporate a number of sustainable features.

These significantly reduce the energy consumption of the school so minimising running costs and in turn the environmental impact of the building.

The VITRAL Skyvision Flat Rooflights are part of this initiative to reduce energy consumption. Specified by Stockport Council, the VITRAL Skyvision is the benchmark flat rooflight with a U-value of only 1.24 W/m2K. This is made possible with the 100 mm width insulated kerb that has 70 mm highly insulated Rockwool fitted inside. This ensures the heat stays in. It's construction is complete recyclable should it be needed as Vitral Skyvision is built from wood, glass and aluminium.

Fitted with a 32mm double glazed unit, made from a 8 mm toughed external pane and a 2 times 4 mm laminated internal pane. It's a fully sealed unit which is double sealed with thermoconstruction and UV resistant glass sealing. No other rooflight offers such high quality construction so we can offer a 5 years guarantee on VITRAL Skyvision.

It's features include:

  • Can be installed on a flat roof at 4° up to a slope of 15°;
  • Is available as a Fixed, Ventilated, Fully Opening, Walk-On and Circular flat rooflight;
  • Exceeds Part L Building Regulation with a U value of 1.24 W/m2K and is CE marked;
  • Gives an impressive sound reduction of -34 DB;
  • Continues the Vitral tradition of clean minimalist lines coupled with performance;
  • Is quick fitting, no maintenance;
  • Is supplied in a number of standard sizes;
  • Comes with a low e double glazed unit and a warm edge spacer as standard.

For more details, please contact Vitral on 01223 499000 or vitral-uk@vitral.co.uk

Architect: Stockport Council

Installer: Cover Structure Limited