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Natural ventilation

You may not think about it, but many of our daily activities in everyday life affect the humidity of the home. Therefore, natural ventilation is crucial for a good indoor climate. When we sleep, take a shower, cook in the kitchen ... All things we do, are things that increase the humidity indoors, and to get rid of it, it requires some kind of natural ventilation.

Natural ventilation with skylight windows

As a rule, there are three types of ventilation: Natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation and mechanical extraction. Natural ventilation is most widely used in private homes where natural ventilation in the housing occurs through air valves, exhaust ducts and random leaks, and of course opening windows and doors, which is the most common kind of ventilation.

However, when we speak about natural ventilation, many of us are actually prettybad at remembering to get fresh air inside. We may not be very much at home and will not let the windows stay open while we are away. Or it's raining outside and we do not want rainwater in the window shade. All these commonly used arguments are all comprehensible, but the solution can be as simple as one or moreskylight window.

If you lack the natural ventilation this will happen to you

A natural ventilation regulates the indoor climate of a building, utilizing the temperature difference between the outdoor and indoor climate, as well as the thermal buildup in the building and the wind around the building.

A bad indoor climate is known to affect our overall well-being and, among other things, makes us unattended and less aware of things in our everyday life. For example, studies have shown that children's learning capacity decreases as the indoor climate deteriorates.

Rooflight windows provides us with a good way to ensure natural ventilation without the need to fear for rainwater in the house or unauthorized guests who have easy access to the living room while you are outside in the garden. Not only does your home gets more light, it will also get a fresh and different look and lots of natural ventilation that improves the indoor climate. And if you care about the climate or your bank account, this kind of natural ventilation is also energy saving compared to traditional ventilation solutions and good for both the environment and the economy of the household.

All skylights from Vitral can be controlled automatically using a control panel. You do not even need to be close to the window to open and close for the natural ventilation inside.


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