In practically all buildings, fire is a real risk, potentially leading to personal damage or damage to assets.

One of the primary objectives in connection with a fire is to evacuate smoke from the building. This ensures that people can leave the burning building safely and firefighting personnel can orientate themselves and carry out firefighting effectively. At the same time smoke evacuation significantly reduces the risk of fire spreading due to superheated fumes.
Mostly, it is local fire authorities or fire consultants who decide on a fire strategy for a specific building and ensure that the strategy meets relevant regulatory demands.
Fire strategies vary among others with the size and use of the buildings.
Vitral often deliver roof lights which enter as an integral part of the building’s fire strategy. Vitral can deliver solutions approved both for normal smoke ventilation (after a fire) and EN12101-2 approved systems for smoke and fire ventilation.
Vitral also supplies the necessary information about aerodynamic free area for a specific roof light for the consultant or the architect.
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