A74 Roof Glazing

A74 is a panel based glass roof system with thermally broken aluminium profiles. A74 is characterised by a smart design with slim, shallow profiles. This allows a maximum of natural light which is unique compared to other glass roof systems.

The name A74 derives from A for aluminium and 74 refers to the ultra low profile depth of 74 mm. The profile is only 50 mm wide, giving it a very slim look. A74 is an elegant product which can be tailored for any solution required.

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  • U-value

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  • Colours

A74 is available in a natural anodised or polyester powder coated finish, in the RAL colour of your choice.

  • Glass types

A74 can be supplied with double glazed super low ’e’ coated units, with warm edge spacers and argon filled cavities. A complete range of multi-coated solar control options are available to suit the project. A74 is also available with triple glazed and bespoke units.

  • Materials

A74 is made of glass, aluminium, plastic and rubber. The frame profiles are thermally broken with an embedded PUR core. All materials are recyclable.

  • Concealed opening mechanism

It is possible for every second panel to be a vent. From the outside all panels have a uniform appearance and it is not possible to distinguish between vents and fixed panels.

  • Dimensions

Profile dimensions – Height 74 mm, Width 50 mm. Panel dimensions – Height 260-2900 mm, Width 260-1200 mm under certain circimstances. Panel area: Max. 2.0 m². Installation slopes – single pitched: 15°-90° double pitched: 25°-60°.

  • Variants

A74 roof lights are available in single pitch, double pitch and pyramid form, with a wide range of options for gables, multi-tier, valleys and hips. A74 may also be installed vertically.

  • Certifications

A74 is CE marked in accordance with BS/EN14351-1.

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