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 Vitral is your guaranty for the rooflight company with high quality and great prices. With our position, as one of the best the rooflight company on the markets, we are suppliers and manufacturers of countless types of rooflight solutions, which are both beautiful, modern and yet classic in their designs.

A classic from the rooflight company

One of our most popular the rooflight company products are he beautiful VitraLight, which is a cost-effective, well-isolated rooflight system for private houses as well as other buildings with flat roofs. The VitraLight rooflights are easy to install, as it is delivered ready for installation. The integrated ventilation ducts in VitraLight rooflights dome prevent condensation in the roof structure, and after mounting you can cover the frame with roofing tiles to make it completely close and safe. Simple yet elegant.

As a serious suggestion as the rooflight company you should contact no matter what, we work hard to provide customers with the best products possible. VitraLight rooflights comes as a standard with 2-layer low-energy thermos glass with argon gas filling. The outer layer of the glass is made of hardened safety glass, while the inner layer is laminated safety glass.

The rooflight company who offers a lot of solutions

However, VitraLight is not the only rooflight solution we offer at this the rooflight company. Another popular solution when it comes to rooflights is are A74 product line. This panel-based rooflights in cold-broken aluminum have 2-layer energy thermos glasses and the amazing designs is characterized by a slim and low layout, which gives a large and unique light drop. The name A74 comes from the A for aluminum and 74 mm, which is the profile height of the top rooflight system. In addition to the standard of 2-layer energy meters, these rooflights can also be delivered with 3-layer energy meter.

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At Vitral we go are well known for being the rooflight company who offers high quality in all our products as well as great prices and good service.

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