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What is skylights? Skylights is a window that sits on the roof of a building. The very idea of skylights is to get most daylight inside your house and get the most out of the sun and the natural D-vitamins that it has - even in Denmark. Therefore, it is often seen that skylights is located on the top floors of the home for optimal solar utilization.

The question "Why do we need skylights?" is something that we hear pretty often here at Vitral. People know about skylights but are not aware exactly how much positive effect skylights can have one their everyday life.

Skylights - What are the benefits for me?

    • Economic and environmentally friendly

We live in 2017 and the usual debate is all about global warming, climate change, and general environmental awareness. Although most people probably do not have skylights for this reason, you get the opportunity to heat your house using the sun's natural rays. This reduces your need for the radiators to run, reducing your total CO2 emissions. This happens already from the first day after you have installed your skylights. So, you save money on your heating bill, already from day 1. If you are renovating your house it is advisable to have skylights installed at the same time. This will save you both time and money, and it does not take many years before the investment is repaid.

    • Healthy daylight

The biggest benefit of skylights is the fact that you give home more daylight. The benefits of more natural daylight are many, and great. Most families in Denmark live in houses with sloping roofs. On these roofs there are different slopes, but common to all of them is that it will be of great benefit to have installed skylights.

The actual daylight can reach into the rooms that are hidden deeper inside the house, and it also has economic benefits as we mentioned above. There are of course also a couple of disadvantages of installing skylights, which can be difficult to clean unless you have a long mop or a ladder at hand. However, there are minimal disadvantages that are in comparison to the major benefits.

Skylights - What choices do I have?

When you face a possible purchase of skylights, the design itself is taste and pleasure. It is possible to get skylights in different sizes and looks. There is of course standard size, but they can also be personalized to suit your needs. However, a common feature for all of them is that they are coated with aluminum on the outside to reduce the need for cleaning.

We hope you have become a little wiser on skylights. Read more on our website or contact us at (+45) 47180100 or by e-mail for questions.

Read more on the website or contact us at 01223499000 or e-mail for questions.