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Rooflights and Skylights

If you are one of the many people who have discovered one or more of the many advantaged with rooflights and skylights, and are now considering your possibilities, you have come to the right page.

At Vitral we are able to deliver a wide selection of roof lights and skylights that will blend in perfectly with your building, home or workplace and make sure that you and your colleagues get all the natural light possible into your home, office or wherever you prefer.

One of our popular choices when it comes to roof lights is the SkyVision solution. SkyVision is an attractive roof light window allowing a maximum of natural light to come into your building. The heat loss is minimal and the noise reduction optimum. Each type has its own special qualities for particular needs that you can read more about here on our website. And we are able to deliver all seven types in sizes according to customer specifications. Another popular choice for your customers to pick is the VRS skylights.

With profiles made of brushed stainless steel it is a select panel based glass roof system. It works perfectly with more modern architecture and gives any building a special finish. It’s characterized by a pure design with slim and shallow profiles which ensure a maximum of natural light that is usually second-to-none in the market. Our SkyVision product line counts six types of roof lights and skylights, described below. Each of them has their own advantage, and you will find one for your particular need:


This is the solution for the customer who values clean aesthetics, and natural light flow

If you are looking for a window that opens by a soundless motor, and you need natural ventilation, this is the solution for you

This is a design that is different from most others. It is circular as the name indicates, and there are many advantages

This skylight is an award winning solution. It is suitable for large passages for example terraces or roof gardens.

This is the most energy efficient Skyvision solution of them all, where the environmentally aspects are key

Our newest addition to the SkyVision family. The SkyVision linear has a unique design with many advantages

Rooflights and Skylights from Vitral

Vitral was founded in 1956 as a roof glazing company. Today we are one of the most experienced and dedicated suppliers of roof lights in Europe. It is on the roof lights and skylights that we show our true strength but we can deliver solutions, where the roof light continues down into the facade as well. Our many years of experience with roof lights and skylights means that we are dedicated, professional and well educated. We always keep things on track and we strive to have a high focus on the customer and his or her needs through the entire process.

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