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Roof Windows

There are many good reasons to consider roof windows for your home, your place of work or at the public places in your area.

There a lot of things to consider when talking about adding roof windows to your old building. Some of the questions we get the most is about sound dampening, the energy and the solar heat. When installing roof windows in a building the insulating glass units become sound dampening when the different glass layers oscillate at different frequencies.

Vitral mostly use single layer glass outside and laminated safety glass inside which make sure that the glass is sound dampening because of the different frequencies. By choosing roof windows that are energy friendly it is possible to get an energy friendly home even with roof windows. At Vitral we are delivering roof windows with insulating properties, making sure that the windows are having an efficient thermal break and the correct choice of glass.

By making the right choice at this point you will get a glass roof which prevents cold downdrafts in winter and unnecessary solar heating in summer. All our roof windows are made with safety glass.

The advantages of roof Windows from Vitral

Making good roof windows solutions is a difficult task. But Vitral knows how to make excellent roof windows which perform perfectly under all weather conditions. Our many years of experience is our customers’ guarantee for getting reliable, long lasting and energy efficient solutions no matter what roof windows they are choosing. We are an independent, privately held that is fully aware of how to preserve the customers and we strive to have a high focus on the customer and his or her needs all the time. Roof windows from Vitral has a lot of advantages, we have listed some of them below:

Sound dampening glass

he insulating glass is sound dampening, due to the combination of single layered glass outside, with laminated safety glass inside

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

By having roof windows, you allow yourself to take advantage of the sun light, saving money on your electrical bill. Furthermore, it is environmentally friendly.


Your privacy will not be compromised by peaking by passers, or curious neighbors

Experience and quality

We have many years of experience, and are proud to call ourselves experts at roof windows. The product is always of the highest quality, and you are safe in our hands

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