SkyVision Flat Roof Skylights


SkyVision roof light is an attractive roof light window allowing a maximum of natural light in a timeless, clean aesthetic design. The heat loss is minimal and the noise reduction optimum. SkyVision is available in six types - SkyVision Fixed, SkyVision Comfort, SkyVision Circular, SkyVision Walk-On, SkyVision Ecoline and SkyVision Linear. Each with special qualities for particular needs – and sizes according to customer specifications. The combination of a frameless design enabling maximum light penetration, high thermal insulation and air tightness makes for a truly unique product. Our modular double glazed flat roof lights (SkyVision Fixed and Comfort) are impact tested as standard to TN66/67 to protect those carrying out roof maintenance and cleaning. 
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  • U-values - 0.97 W/m² K for the entire roof light (SkyVision Fixed, Comfort and Circular). 1.1 W/ m² K for the glass pane. Ecoline – 0.65 W/m² K for the roof light as a whole. Walk-On - 1.06 W/m² K. All U-values are calculated in 0 degrees roof pitch based on external surface area: Arc = 3.72 m²

  • Glazing options - Fixed, Comfort and Walk-On comes supplied with double super low ’e’ coated units. SkyVision Ecoline is available as a triple glazed unit (with krypton fill).

  • Colours - The SkyVision standard colour is dark grey (RAL 7043). Other colours available at an extra charge.

  • Skyvision Comfort - Max area (clear internal) = 2.0 sqm.; Width (motor side) = 600-2000 mm; Length = 600-2000 mm

  • SkyVision Walk-On - Max area (clear internal) = 2.0 sqm.; Width = 250-2000 mm; Length = 250-2000 mm

  • Certifications - VITRAL SkyVision conforms to the most up-to-date regulations and is CE marked according to DS/EN 14351-1. SkyVision Fixed and Comfort have been tested according to CWCT TN66/67. VITRAL has the ISO9001:2008 certification. 

  • Materials - SkyVision roof light is made of glass, wood and aluminium. All materials are recyclable. The inner part of the kerb is white; the outside kerb is untreated and ready to be fitted.

  • Solar control options  - Fixed, Comfort, Linear, Access and Circular are available in in two different solar control glasses.Sunguard SN70/37 HT: U-value = 1.0 W/m2K, light transmission Lt = 68.9, solar factor g= 37.5.Sunguard SNX60/28 HT: U-value = 1.0 W/m2K, light transmission Lt = 58.8, solar factor g= 28.2

  • Skyvision Fixed - Max area (clear internal) = 4 sqm.; Witdh = 250-3000 mm; Length = 250-3000 mm

  • SkyVision Circular - 900 mm-1350 mm (clear internal), max clear internal area 1.43m². Also available as a Walk-On edition.

  • Skyvision Ecoline - Max area (clear internal) = 2.0 sqm.; Width = 300-2000 mm; Length = 300-2000 mm

  • Kerb - is supplied from 150 mm up to 600 mm, depending on project requirements.