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Patent Glazing

Most people do not know anything about patent glazing, and that is understandable. It is not common knowledge, and only the people within this industry know what it is. On this page, we will try to inform you about paten glazing, and the benefits that comes along with it.

Patent glazing is a system that allows glazed glass panels to be placed in a lightweight, no-load-bearing frame of glazing bars. The system does not use epoxy or other sealants to create a watertight seal. To summarize, and take the word of the dictionary, it states: “Patent glazing is a system of fixed panes of glass supported at regular intervals by special bars fixed to a purlin or side rail system”

Patent glazing features

The patent glazing creates a structure that does not require four-edged support beams, and is well drained. Instead of the four-edged support beams, the structure relies on two patent glaze. These are attaches to the structure. The purpose of the patent glaze bars, is to seat the glass pane for its entire length. The system also traps water away from the pane, by using both channels, caps, and groves. 

Patent glazing – Single or double glass?

Another aspect to consider when choosing patent glazing, is whether or not to have single or double pane glass. They serve different actions, and we will try to list a few of them here, so you can make an informed decision at home.

In general, panes need to be able to withstand massive snow loads, as well as windy conditions, and building movements. With laminated glass, you reduce the danger of free fallen broken glass.

A thing to be aware of when using a double-pane system, is that the interior pane is always shorter than the outer pane. This is to allow for drainage.

Now that you have reached the end of this page, we hope that you have a little more knowledge regarding patent glazing. If you have any questions regarding patent glazing, or some of our other products, do not hesitate to contact us on 01223499000, or via E-mail at