VITRAL teams up with WindowMaster to achieve further EN 12101-2 certification

VITRAL A74 and VRS roof glazing systems are now EN12101-2 certified together with a broad range of WindowMaster chain and linear actuators to provide flexible and durable solutions for designers. Find out more about WindowMaster actuators and control systems here

VITRAL A74 roof glazing

The A74 system consists of slim and compact thermally broken aluminium frames providing invisible opening vents, low U-values and excellent air-tightness. Our aluminium systems are stylish, cost effective and offer superior performance with up to 50% opening panels combining natural ventilation and SHEV functionality without loss of air-tightness.

VITRAL VRS roof glazing

VITRAL VRS is a high performance panel based glass roof system with composite frames in a low maintenance stainless steel. The VRS roof light is characterised by slim sight lines, elegant design and high performance. With over 50 years of experience brought to bear in the design and production of the VRS system, you can be assured of a life time of flawless performance.

If you require roof lights which seamlessly integrate opening panels for natural ventilation and full life safety smoke evacuation then contact a VITRAL representative today