VITRAL has developed a new sustainable, large format glass roof system named A98

VITRAL has developed a new sustainable, large format glass roof system named VITRAL A98 The name refers both to the panel material, which is aluminium, and to the depth of the profile which is only 98mm.

With A98 VITRAL has created a glass roof system where sustainability, function and aesthetics are combined with a number of unique properties to create a truly remarkable product. If you are considering sustainable roof lights please read on for further information:

The lowest U-values on the market

With a U-value of just 0.79 W/m²K for an assembled panel - and 0.5 W/m²K for the glass itself, VITRAL has begun a revolution in roof light performance.

Large format panels

A98 now gives architects the opportunity to prescribe panel sizes up to 3m². In combination with the system's slim frames and low profiles A98 brings extraordinary levels of natural light into the building.

Invisible opening vents and hidden opening motors

Like all of VITRAL's systems, A98 provides 'invisible' opening vents. This means no extra framing or casements to disrupt the visual flow of the roof light and degrade performance. A98 further develops this feature by fully integrating the motor within the panel frame, thus completely hiding it from view. Aesthetic appeal, function and performance in a unified system.

Certified quality and certifiable performance

A98 is pre-fabricated and factory assembled at VITRAL's state of the art ISO-certified plant in Lithuania. Like all VITRAL products A98 has been rigorously tested by independent test institutes in Denmark and Sweden and achieves outstanding performance. A98 follows the dual-seal design philosophy of previous systems providing extremely high levels of air and water tightness. A98 is supplied with triple glazed super low 'e' coated units, with warm edge spacers and argon filled cavities. A range of multi coated solar control options are also available.

Prefabricated and ready to install

A98 is fully sealed and factory prefabricated before delivery to site. This ensures consistency of quality and performance and safety on site. Prefabrication also delivers a fast and secure installation process and increases Contractor's competitiveness.