Vitral becomes a part of The VELUX Group

In October 2018, Vitral was sold to The VELUX Group.
Vitral’s skylight and glass-roof system is a good supplement to VELUX Modular Skylight for the buildings in
commercial market such as offices, schools, healthcare facilities, shopping malls and retail stores, large
public buildings and industrial buildings.
Since 2012 the VELUX Group has built a strong position in the commercial market with VELUX Modular
Skylight and recently with the acquisition of the JET Group. And now that Vitral have developed new and
improved their products as well as their manufacturing, the company fits into the VELUX Groups’ new
strategy in this market segment.

“I am pleased that VELUX is the future owner of Vitral. Since 2005 we have basically completely renewed
our product portfolio and in my opinion Vitral’s current products are a good match for the VELUX business.
With VELUX, Vitral will have a much stronger platform for growth,” says Jens Borelli-Kjær, managing director
and owner of Vitral.

Vitral was founded in 1956 by Villum Kann Rasmussen, who also founded VELUX and which VKR Holding is
named after. VKR Holding sold Vitral in 2005 to a group of investors. In 2005 The VELUX Group did not
have activities on the commercial market, but now Vitral is back in the VKR Holding group of companies –
however now owned by the VELUX Group