VITRAL and Red Window Systems partnership!

VITRAL are pleased to strengthen our partnership with Red Window Systems. We have worked together on many projects. One to note is the £20m new build School project for Kier West. Red Window Systems installed 14 rooflights using the VITRAL A74 system.

VITRAL A74 is produced from a high quality aluminium construction that provides long term life expectancy and will not deteriorate. Every panel is capable of opening without the need for extra framing. This maintains our low U-values, cost controlling and maximising the amount of daylight through the system

Special thanks to Red Windows System for their cooperation. Please check the benefits of using VITRAL rooflights, which were highlighted by Red Windows Systems. Full design and installation by Red Window Systems! Excellent sustainability for the Schools market. Factory pre-fabricated. Fast installation. Varying roof pitches available. Mono and self-supporting structures available. Compliant with EN12101 full life safety vents.

Visit the Red Window Systems website for more information about the project.