SkyVision Access

Vitral launches the next SkyVision roof light family member, SkyVision Access.

SkyVision Access is used for:

Smoke ventilation , e.g. at the top of a staircase, opening by means of a pressure switch or an emergency fire switch. SkyVision Access can be programmed for partwise opening, when used for comfort ventilation.
Service access to the roof for the janitor, caretaker or contractor, e.g. using a ladder.

The SkyVision family hereafter consists of:

  • Fixed - fantastic day light for dark rooms 
  • Comfort - where day light and comfort ventilation combined is important 
  • Walk-on - for areas with pedestrian traffic 
  • Linear – “indefinitely” long roof lights with and without comfort ventilation 
  • Circular - the circular solution for exciting architecture 
  • Access - smoke ventilation and roof access 

SkyVision is often installed on roofs covered with bituminous felt or another roof membrane in 0-30o roof pitch (min 4o are recommended).
The different SkyVision variants all share the same clean design and long life expectancy. They are all complete products with an alu/glass top sitting on a well insulated upstand (apart from Circular which comes without upstand). The U-value for the entire roof light can be as low as 0.65 W/m2K when fitted with Ecoline glass. Most SkyVision variants come in bespoke sizes (length, width and height), but standard sizes are available, too.

Read more about the SkyVision Acces specifications here!