New addition to SkyVision range goes Circular

SkyVision roof lights maximise the amount of natural daylight to permeate a building. The SkyVision family originally consisted of SkyVision Fixed, SkyVision Comfort (for those requiring an opening skylight), SkyVision Walk-On and SkyVision Ecoline; the latter the most energy efficient model of the SkyVision family. We are now pleased to announce a new addition, SkyVision Circular, which has been designed and developed following an increased demand in customers seeking something different in terms of shape and aesthetics. It enables architects to easily incorporate a stylish feature, which is visually pleasing & environmentally friendly, into their plans. Non-intrusive framing, particularly from underneath, suits all design styles and applications.

SkyVision Circular adds a new dimension to the range and is manufactured in bespoke sizing from 900-1350mm diameter. The roof light’s 32mm 2 layer low ‘e’ glazing comes as standard; a contributing factor to its exceptional low U-Value performance of 0.97 W/m²K. The Circular top plate is fitted with UV resistant gasket and green tinted glazing is available to aid solar control. Easy to install onto flat and shallow pitch roofs its elegant design offers high levels of quality at a competitive price.

Soren Kuskner, Managing Director of VitralUK said, “We have seen an increase in enquiries in this sector for some time. SkyVision’s beauty is that it is not only a product to use in new-build, but it is a solution when skylights, especially old polycarbonate, require replacement; it provides a much higher specification in its sector than most other products on the market.” He added “For example, SkyVision Comfort is supplied as standard with a hidden actuator. A rain and wind sensor can then be included so that it will automatically close when inclement weather arrives – even when you are out of the building. Vitral have been at the leading edge of design and technology for over 50 years and our latest product launch demonstrates our commitment to satisfying demand in an ever changing market.”