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Global skylights

Global skylights are a window that is in the roof of a building, hence the name global skylights. The global skylights is usually used on the top floors of the building, so that you can use the sunlight.

When do you really need global skylights? This is a question we often get when the customers are considering investing in global skylights. It is a question that is difficult to answer 100% correctly, and all of our answers is dependent on the customer, but here we will try to make you a little wiser about the subject global skylights. It offers a lot of advantages to having global skylights installed, and we will mention a few of them here on this page.

Global skylights - The benefits

    • More natural daylight

The overall, and the most obvious advantage of having global skylights installed, is to give the residents of the building much more daylight, as well as a better view from the inside. If you look at most families' houses in Denmark, they have a slant. It may be a big or slight slope, but in both cases, it will be a clear advantage to install global skylights. This will give an otherwise unseen opportunity to fill the room with daylight. This will especially benefit the rooms in the house that are hidden slightly away from the other windows, which are located deeper inside the building where the light otherwise does not reach.

    • Energy saving

These days, there is much, justified talk about climate change and environmental awareness. By having global skylights installed, you will have the opportunity to utilize the sun's natural rays to warm your entire room in the daytime hours. By using the sun as your personal radiator, and reducing your Co2 emissions from day 1, you get a lower heat bill and a cleaner conscience. A good advice is to have it installed while renovating or rebuilding. It is thus both economical and practical to choose to have an installation of one or more global skylights.

There are of course also a few disadvantages of installing global skylights, which can be difficult to clean unless you have a long mop or a ladder at hand. However, there are minimal disadvantages that are in comparison to the major benefits.

Which global skylights should I choose?

Design-like global skylights are the most important things in life, namely taste and pleasure. Global skylights are usually available either in standard sizes, but can also be made specifically for you and your roof. Common to these, however, is that most of them are covered with aluminum on the outside. This is because you do not have to go on the roof and clean it once a week, but keep it down to an absolute minimum that is clear to most.

We hope you have become a little wiser on global skylights. Read more on our website or contact us at (+45) 47180100 or by e-mail for questions.

Read more on the website or contact us at 01223499000 or e-mail for questions.