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Flat Roof Lights

Most people are not familiar with the specifics of flat roof lights. They do know however that there are advantages which most people acknowledge once they have experienced the effect. Vitral is known for their experience and unique designs of flat roof lights and the many advantages of its use.

 On this page, we will try to make you feel more comfortable and informed, before proceeding with a decision to have flat roof lights installed. We will try to provide information regarding installation, the use of it, as well as the many advantages that comes along with the installation of flat roof lights.

Flat roof lights are very popular because of its many benefits, and advantages compared to normal lighting systems. Flat roof lights provide your home with maximum natural light. With the flat roof light, comes a minimal heat loss, and an optimal sound reduction.

The combination of a frameless design with a maximum light fall, and a high thermic isolation and airtightness, provides you with a unique product. The flat roof lights from Vitral are tested with soft and hard force, to ensure those who are on the roof. The flat roof lights can be made for you, in your custom size.

Advantages of flat roof lights

A flat roof light is a simple, but brilliant construction. A “must have” for any house owner. The advantages are large in numbers. We have listed a few of them here:

  • The design
  • The simple opening system, allows the window to be opened for freshening of the air, while the design keeps rainwater on the outside of your building
  • Privacy
  • With a flat roof light, you will be able to remain private inside your home or your office.
  • Saves money
  • We all want to save some money where it is possible. With a flat roof light, you will be able to take as much advantage of the sun light as possible, and thereby saving money
  • The healthy option
  • Being exposed to natural light is very healthy for your body, and is scientifically proven to get you in a better mood
  • Environmentally friendly
  • The flat roof light is an energy efficient solution, and is healthy for the environment 

Types of flat roof lights

Here at Vitral we have 6 different types of Skyvision flat roof lights, each one with its special properties, designed to satisfy special customer needs. The Skyvision flat roof lights comes in:

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