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Doublepitch roof lights

 Both studies and people have come to the same conclusion. There is just something about roof lights which changes your mood to the better. Maybe it is the natural light? The ability to follow the ongoing seasons or the change of air?

In general, there are 2 types of roof pitches, and for each type of roof, a dedicated roof light is applicable. We hope to give you better knowledge regarding the roof lights, and on this page, we will try to give you information regarding which type of roof light you need.

Advantages of double pitch roof lights

There are several advantages when it comes to having a roof light installed. We will try to list a few of them here for you to make an informed decision about whether, or not to have one installed.

Energy efficient

The roof light provides you with an energy efficient solution to your home, which is extremely healthy for the environment.

Financially wise

The roof lights allow you to take advantage of the sun light in the summer months throughout the day, while at winter time taking advantage of the limited hours of sunlight


any studies show that it is good for your health to be exposed to natural light throughout the day. Furthermore, the inhouse climate in your home will be improved due to the release of warm air that rises from your home, being replaced by fresh air


These days, many homes or offices are built near each other, allowing limited privacy. With the roof lights, you will remain private

Single pitch, or double pitch roof lights?

Single pitched roof: This is the type of roof that is widely used in modern architecture houses. These days, people are more and more environmentally concerned. This type of roof is also the most economical one. Other than that, it is the cheapest one since the construction requires less roof insulation, compared to the double pitched roof.

Double pitched roof: The double pitched roof is in general the most used one. A way to describe the double pitched roof, is to say that it has as a triangle that consists of not only one surface, but two. These are connected on the top with a ridge. One of the biggest advantages of the double pitched roof, is the fact that you can install different types of roof covering, with the lowest possible outcrop.

The double pitched roof can be two things:


This is the most popular type of double pitched roof. The characteristics of this is the fact that it has equal surfaces.


Characteristics of the asymmetrical roof, is that it has the roof ridge places somewhere else, then the center, and the surfaces often differ in length, as well as in areas.

It is hard to say which option is the best, both have their pros and their cons. Ultimately it comes down to the design taste. We hope this page have provided you with more information. If you have any questions regarding double pitched roof lights, please contact us.

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