Controlling solar heat

If a roof glazing installation is very large or if direct solar glare poses a problem or if the combined energetic calculation for the building so requires, there are different possibilities for controlling how much sun light and heat from radiation enters the building through the roof light.
The easiest and often the best method is to use a “solar control” glass. Here, by selecting a glass with a certain “g-value”, it is possible to reduce the solar radiation into the building with up to 70%. Simultaneously, light transmittance (and any possible problems from direct solar glare) can be eliminated.
Alternatively, it is possible to install an external or internal solar shading system (rolls, blinds). Vitral can supply internal solar blind systems - click here for more info: Vitral Solar Blinds
In approximately 2 out of 10 Vitral roof glazing installations are sold with “solar control glass”. In the remaining 8 out of 10 projects “regular” safety glass suffices.
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