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Curtain Walling

Curtain walling is a facade which” hangs” on a building without being a part of its carrying part. The building can be created with a carrying pillar or a frame construction that indemnifies the facade and allows large façade parties to be done in lighter materials such as glass.

The curtain wall origins from USA in the Chicago school’s skyscraper architecture from the late 1800s. The architects of the modern days, then further developed the curtain walling principal in Europe.

Curtain Walling – The benefits

The method of glazing curtain walls, allows the glass to be used in areas that are relatively large and uninterrupted. This creates the attractive facades. The curtain walls balance the aesthetic part, along with the functionality, in a successful combination. This ensures the highest level of quality, and cost efficiency. Another benefit is for the designers. They have the benefit of consistent interfaces, and sight lines all across the give project. It does not matter if it is a high or a low risen curtain walling, or structural, ribbon, beaded, or sloped glazing. We have gathered a few other advantages below:

    • Natural lighting

One of the main advantages of curtain walling is the natural lighting that enters the building. The curtain walling lets in a lot of natural light, and that has a lot of benefits. Not only is it easier on the eye than artificial light, but it also has health benefits, and heightens the general mood at home, or at the office.

    • Cost effective

A curtain wall facade does not carry any dead load. The only weight it carries is its own. This means that the construction itself, can be made of lighter and lest costly materials such as aluminum. A curtain wall is specially designed to be able to resist water and air infiltration as well.

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