Vitral has a mission, which guides our business decision every day. The mission explains what we represent to our 4 important target groups: Daily users, owners, architects and contractors.

Vitral is ”bringing the outside in” by delivering customized, flexible and ready-to-install roof light solutions.
Vitral provides customers (users, owners, architects and contractors) with:
Daylight and improved indoor climate.
Energy efficient, cost-effective and long-lasting roof light solutions.
The possibility of creating expressive and sustainable architecture.
Roof light design expertise.
Building on the 50+ years of company history, we want to secure our future through continuous, innovation-driven, profitable growth.

If you are an architect:

Call us for inspiration or for a more precise understanding of possibilities and limitations. Our phone number is shown on the top of the page. We also have an extensive photo archive from European installations of Vitral roof lights, in which we can probably find something to inspire your further.

If you are a contractor:

We can help you with the CAD details for how the roof light will be fixed to the understructure, tell you which types of screws to use, depending on whether the under structure is made of wood or steel or another material, we can calculate the load per running meter, etc. Call us for help – our phone number is on the top of the page.

Besides the mission, Vitral has a written “Vision” which sets quantitative targets for how we expand our geographical presence in Europe and how we continue to develop and supply innovative, new roof light solutions to the market – solutions which live up to our high quality promise and are on the forefront of constantly increasing demands to e.g. insulation and tightness performance.